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À propos de BGA Discord Bosspiles

This is the group for a discord ladder system called the Bosspile. Active players will challenge an inactive player above them to a 1v1 game set with 2 moves per day timer. This challenge is an attempt at climbing above the defending player in the pile. The winner will be active after the game ends and the loser will be inactive (meaning they will need to win as the challenged player before they can attempt climbing higher). The highest player in the ladder is the boss and will win diamonds for successfully defeating a challenge. When the boss is defeated, that player drops one extra place for each diamond they won as the boss that time. The lowest player on the pile is always active. They can challenge the next lowest player provided that player is not already active and attempting to climb. They must wait for that match to end and can challenge the loser immediately. Have fun and feel free to private message turtler7 if you have any questions or want your favorite game to have its own pile! Those not already on discord can join via this link:

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