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À propos de Fast Turn Based Group

Like faster play? Tired of quitters and absentees?
This group is for players who share an interest in faster turn-based games (multiple moves per player per day) and want a reliable pool of players to play with.

The current reputation system is not a good means of filtering out untimely/unreliable players during table creation. Since this group will be held to a higher standard, you can create a table that restricts access to the Fast Turn Based Group and feel confident you will enjoy a game that will be played at your desired pace and be played to its completion.

If you wish to join the group, please send a message to admin to receive an invite (adobery).
If you know of a reliable player, send them this way, or send admin their name and we'll send out an invite. The bigger the player pool the better.

· To join you must have a low incident level of timeouts and quit games.
· To remain a member, you must maintain a low incident level of timeouts and quit games.
· If during a group game a member times out or quits, please notify admin so that we are able to monitor these incidents, and talk with members and determine membership status if it becomes a recurring problem.
· If a member does run out of clock, it is asked that you do not immediately skip the player's turn, as it is still turn-based after all, and an unfinished/non-result game can be frustrating for everyone after investing all that time. Report the incident regardless, but do give the game a reasonable chance to be finished normally.

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