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À propos de 20200524 - WTCOC2020 R2 - Poland vs Germany

World Team Carcassonne Online Championship 2020
Round 2 in Group B
2020 May 24th starting 18:00 (CET)

POLAND vs GERMANY 2:3 (5:7)

1. Vixen (P) vs schupfel 0:2 (100:104, 80:83)
2. Gr3yDeath vs Riesemax (P) 2:0 (84:81, 128:84)
3. TerranPL (P) vs Nocebo 1:2 (114:119, 93:68, 73:79)
4. UY_Scuti vs Leuschi (P) 2:1 (104:126, 95:84, 89:82)
5. Zero_1627 (P) vs Robert3333 0:2 (93:109, 87:100)

(P) - guaranteed Premium account owner

(P) marked player creates first game. Next games are started using 'Rematch' button by the same player who created the first game, just to guarantee change of the starting player.
If there is a tie in a game, starting player (who played first tile in a game) loses.

Settings for the game are:
- Normal Mode
- Real Time - Normal speed
- No expansions
- Internation rules

Please remember that each of pair plays best-of-3 series (first player to win 2 matches - wins and scores a big point for the team; in case of 2:0 score in the series, third game is not played).

Team Poland Captain: TerranPL
Team Germany Captain: MeepleWizard

MeepleWizard is also official broadcaster for the match.
Link to the stream: https://youtu.be/3C8QaMROjR8

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